Vol 7, Issue 2, 2020

The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management
2020, Volume 7, Series 2 

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Characteristics of the hidden economy in Hungary before and after the regime change

Editors:  Igor Todorovic

-Éva Fenyvesi, Tibor Pintér

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Corporate Governance Guideline Relevance To Maltese Family Public Interest Companies A Small State

Lana Cindric

Perspective – Baldacchino, Peter, Cachia, K., Tabone, Norbert, Grima Simon, Bezzina Frank

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Volatility of the Dow Jones Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Index in the context of the Coronavirus

Editors:  Igor Todorovic

crisis – Flavius DARIE a,*, Ileana Tache

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The compliance of the Romanian listed companies with the principles and provisions of the Corporate

Lana Cindric

Governance Code –Oana Bogdana Alin Dumitrescu

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