Vol 6, Issue 1, 2019

The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management
2019, Volume 6, Series 1 

Table of Contents

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Adapting a Business Communication Course to Market Needs

Editors: Ercan Ozen and Igor Todorovic

– Diana Zelter

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Strategic Positioning of Emerging 5G Technology – Barriers and Perspectives

Editors: Ercan Ozen and Igor Todorovic

-Ana Babić, Ernest Vlačić, Danijela Sokolić

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Resources and destination competitiveness Factors important for planning Sport Tourism supply

Editors: Ercan Ozen and Lana Cindric

– Ivan Novak

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Leading Factors of Sustainable Rural Tourism Development: The Case of Georgia

Editors: Ercan Ozen and Darko Tipuric

– Maia Diakonidze

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