Vol 4, Issue 2, 2017

The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management

2017, Volume 4, Series 2

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A sustainable future for corporate governance theory and practice

– Shann Turnbull

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01.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s2 pp1-27

Managerial Skills: Does Family Ownership Make a Difference?

– Ivana Buloga, Ivona Jukićb, Dejan Kružića

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02.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s2 pp28-43

Contemporary issues in the retail industry

– Ivana Plazibat, Mario Dadić

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03.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s2 pp44-53

Corporate governance and economic crisis in developing countries

Igor Todorović, Stevo Pucar

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04.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s2 pp54-63