Vol 4, Issue 1, 2017



The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management

2017, Volume 4, Series 1

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Article Name and Authors Pages JCGRIM 2017, v4,s1 pp 1 -105

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The Applicability of the Social Enterprise in a Small State: The Case of Malta, 

Peter J. Baldacchino, Lindsay M. Farrugia, Simon Grima

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01.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s1 pp1-28

Declining Supply and Rising Demand for Labour – the Consequences in the Republic of Srpska, 

Stevo Pucar

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02.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s1 pp29-43

Rise And Fall Of Ulips In Indian Life Insurance Market,

K  Vidyavathi

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03.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s1 pp44-54

Street Vending in Zimbabwe: An urban scourge or viable enterprise,

Evelyn Madziba

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04.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s1 pp55-71

The Efficacy of Sustainability of entrepreneurs on long term commitments and tradition : A case of India,

Gajendra Singh, Sergey Urievich Chernikov, Shailender Singh

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5.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp 66-80

Perceived Usefulness (PU) and Perceived Ease Of Use (PEOU) as Key Drivers of Mobile Banking Adoption. A Case of Zimbabwe,

Linda C. Gumbo, Douglas Halimani, Misheck Diza

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06.JCGRIM 2017, v4,s1 pp 87-105