Vol 2, Issue 1, 2015


The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management
2015, Volume 2, Series 1.
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Strategic analysis of textile manufacturing industry case of Croatia

Maja Daraboš,  Borojević Maja

1 1.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp1-16
Developing Financial Distress Prediction Model For Companies Going Public: Accounting, Macroeconomic, Market, And Industry Approaches

Nilmawati, Shinta Heru Satoto

17 2.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp17-32
Conflict resolution analysis using graph model for conflict resolution (GMCR) approach (a case study in conflict and cooperation agreement between IDT and IDMT)

Chintya Faradita Putri, Dini Turipanam Alamanda


3.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp33-42

Online Purchase Intention of Tablets (PC): Role of Social Media and Learning Style

Bidyanand Jha, Dr.K.V.A.Balaji

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4.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp43-65

Green lean six sigma, managerial innovation and financial performance in automotive industry

Nurul Fadly Habidin, Farah Izzaida Mohd Zamri, Nursyazwani Mohd Fuzi, Mad Ithnin Salleh, Nor Azrin Md Latip

66 5.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp 66-80
Analysis of Performance of State-Owned Enterprises – Compression analysis of the Republic of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Igor Todorović, Mojca Duh


6.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp 81-90

Internet banking adoption and usage in Zimbabwean commercial banks: An analytical approach

Magweva Rabson , Maribha Shiri

91 7. JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp 91-105
An Analysis of Machine Effectiveness on the Production Line by Using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Method Based on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Principle (A Study Case of Ball Tea Machine in PT Kabepe Chakra)

Aysha Herdiwan, Sri Widiyanesti

106 8.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp 106-118
Local Firms versus MNCs in India: A Study of Competitive Performance

Mr. Chetan V. Hiremath, Dr. V S Pai


9. JCGIRM_2014, v1 s1 pp157-175

An Output Driven Analytical Construct on the Choice Criteria of Indian Consumers for Organized New Retail Outlets

Dindayal Swain


10.JCGIRM 2015, VOL. 2, s 1 pp 141-153