Vol 5, Issue 2, 2018

The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management
2018, Volume 5, Series 2 

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Forecasting of Gold Prices Volatility with Symmetric and Asymmetric Volatility Models

– Metin Tetik

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01-JCGRIM 2018, v5, s2 pp1-14

The Interpretation Principle in Favour of the Employee in the Turkish Individual Labour Law

Nurgül Emine Barin

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02-JCGRIM 2018, v5, s2 pp 15-26

Do the Developments in Telecommunication Leads to the Solow Paradox on Economic Growth in Turkey?

– Huriye Gonca Diler

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03-JCGRIM 2018, v5, s2 pp 27-39

Implications of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive on Non-Core Banks and Investment Firms in Malta

Denise Azzopardi, Andre Farrugia, Simon Grima , Peter J. Baldacchino

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04-JCGRIM 2018, v5, s2 pp 40-77

The Use of Strategic Policy Statements on the Basis of Concepts, An Evaluation in Logistics Businesses

Mesut Atasever, Semiye Çürük

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05 -JCGRIM2018, v5, s2 pp 78-93

Analysis of Changes in Financial Items of the Turkish Banking Sector with VAR Model

-Adalet Hazar, M. Oguz Koksal

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06-JCGRIM 2018, v5, s2 pp 94-109