Issue 2022, v9, S1, 9

The Journal of Corporate Governance,  Insurance, and Risk Management (JCGIRM) 2022, Volume 9, Series 1

Claims Handling Process Attributes: Perceptions Of Motor Insurance Policyholders In Lagos, Nigeria

Ajemunigbohun, Sunday Stephena,*, Sogunro, Ashim Babatundeb ,  Oluwaleye, Taiwo Olarinre

aDepartment of Insurance, Faculty of Management Sciences, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria.

bDepartment of Actuarial Science and Insurance, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria.

cDepartment of Insurance, Faculty of Management Sciences, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.


A B S T R A C T   A R T I C L E   I N F O
Purpose: A claim is always requested at the maturity or occurrence of an event. The claim is a perception influencer and mirror image in the relationships between the insurers and their policyholders. This perception is thus crucial to the claims handling process. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the claims handling process explicitly attributed to the perceptions of motor insurance policyholders in Lagos, Nigeria.

Methodology: The study adopted a cross-sectional survey research design. The study population was the total number of registered motorists recorded in 2019 by the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency, 704,828. Thus, quota and convenience sampling methods were adopted in the questionnaire distribution and collection processes. A structured questionnaire was employed for data gathering. A total of 399 copies of the questionnaire were distributed, of which 287 were found usable, representing a 72% response rate. The data procedural technique employed were simple frequency percentages and Friedman’s rank test statistical method.

Results/Findings: This study confirms the importance of motor insurance policyholders attached to claims handling processes in Nigeria. This study recommended that claims handling procedures should be strategically designed to incorporate the various attributes explained to provide for a mutually beneficial ambience between policyholders and insurers. Furthermore, motor insurance providers should put in place attractive claims packages to boost the confidence level of the motoring communities. Given the implications of this study, research work is thus encouraged to look at behavioural factors that can influence the claims handling preferences of motor insurance policyholders in Nigeria.

  Keywords: claims handling process, policyholders’ perceptions, rational choice theory, motor insurance, Nigeria

*Corresponding author:

(Ajemunigbohun, Sunday Stephen)

Article history:

Received 05.05.2022

Revised   26.06.2022

Accepted 10.07.2022


Cite Article (APA): Sunday Stephen, A.,  Ashim Babatunde, S. and   Taiwo Olarinre, O. (2022). Claims Handling Process Attributes: Perceptions Of Motor Insurance Policyholders In Lagos, Nigeria.  The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance, and Risk Management (JCGIRM).2022, Volume 9, Series 1, Pages 136-154

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