Issue 2021, v8, S1, 5

The Journal of Corporate Governance,  Insurance, and Risk Management (JCGIRM).2021, Volume 8, Series 1

Tourism Insurance Market, Risks and Prospects: The Case Study

Maia Diakonidze

Akaki Tsereteli State University, Agrarian Faculty, Department of Tourism and landscape Architecture, Kutaisi, Georgia

A B S T R A C T   A R T I C L E   I N F O

According to the global pandemic conditions, tourism and therefore, the travel insurance market faces new challenges. This study is aimed to determine appropriate approaches that will contribute to tourism development during and post-pandemic period. Tourism insurance is one of the most important contents of travel planning, which protects tourists from certain financial risks and wastage that can occur during travelling. This wastage can be minor, such as delayed luggage, or significant – a medical emergency overseas. Within pandemic conditions, emergency medical care, which will cover Covid -19 has become an inevitability part of an offered insurance packages. The design of the article includes secondary data review, theoretical explanations and empirical evidence (survey) regarding insurance updates in the travel planning, development of proposals for the future tourism development in Georgia’s without significant wastage or outcomes from the pandemic conditions. There are proposed some ideas and examples about to enhance knowledge in insurance adapting accordance with the requirements of the modern situation, with an aim for the future tourism unceasing development. It has been identified several approaches in terms of enhancement quality and gullibility of supplied tourism services, which is most important in the last pandemic period. This is a first attempt describing and identifying issues related to the Georgian tourism sector in terms of travel insurance adaptation to the Covid-19 conditions. It is a valuable piece of information for tourism product makers to adopt the article’s proposals for the improvement of future tourism development.

  KeywordsTourism; Tourism Insurance; Insurance Market; Tourism Development; Georgia.

*Corresponding author: (Maia Diakonidze)

Article history:

Received 14.12.2020

Revised   18.03.2021

Accepted 25.04.2021





Cite Article (APA): Diakonidze, M. 2021. Tourism Insurance Market, Risks and Prospects: The Case Study. The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance, and Risk Management (JCGIRM).2021, Volume 8, Series 1, Pages 75-83


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